Return dates for students

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June 11, 2018
24th August : 
                          1st yrs return 8.45am-1.00pm for deployment of their device and meet with Principal & Deputy Principal
27th August:
                       1st yrs
Induction Day with Student Council. Wear uniform and bring device and lunch.

28th August : 1st Yrs Full school day
                         5th yrs 
Return for full day
                         6th yrs
Return for full day

29th August :
                        1st yrs Full school day
                        2nd yrs Return for full day
                        3rd yrs Return for full day
                        5th yrs Full school day
                        6th yrs Full school day

30th August:
                       Transition Year return for Induction Day
                       All students school as per timetable except LCA

31st August
                     LCA 5th and 6th Year Return 
                     All students attend school

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