Notes for Absences and Illnesses

All appointments must be made outside of school time in so far as possible. The school office cannot interrupt class by using the intercom during class time. There will be space in the back of the school journal for parents/guardians to write a note for a student to leave school at an agreed time in the case of an appointment. A copy of this note should be given to the school office before 8:45am so that it can be recorded on SIMS.

It is the student’s responsibility to be at the office at the agreed time as she will not be called over the intercom. If a student has been absent from school, a parent/guardian must give them a note explaining their absence. This note should be given to the school office before 8:45am on the day of their return.


Lunchtime 1st and 2nd year students remain in school during lunchtime.

School Uniform

    • The school uniform consists of the school jumper, maroon skirt and/or navy trousers. They can be purchased at G&T Drapery, Patrick Street, or Darú Uniforms, behind Lambe’s Oil on Cloncollig Road.
    • Students may wear tights or socks and dark coloured shoes. No other type of footwear is allowed.
    • Students may wear any school hoodie to and from school. However, only the SHS maroon hoodie may be worn in school or during class time during cold weather (available from G&T Drapery, Patrick Street). Students are reminded to wear suitable warm clothing during cold weather.
    • The school PE uniform is a loose fitting plain black tracksuit bottom – this year we have asked Darú to stock this (Hunter Ladies Sports Pants). The gym sweatshirt and polo shirt may be purchased from PE teachers from September.
    • Please note leggings, jeggings, Lycra and yoga pants are expressly forbidden as any part of the SHS school uniform. Any student wearing leggings/jeggings/Lycra/yoga pants will be sent home.
    • Year Heads will check on uniforms once per week at assembly. Failure of students to have the correct uniform will result in a note in their journal.
    • Students must wear the required school uniform when participating in school extracurricular activities. Students who do not present in the required uniform (Choir, PE, etc.) cannot be allowed to participate in the activity.
Our school uniform is an integral part of our Code of Conduct and as such, all students are requested to comply with and support this policy.

Mobile Phone Policy

Our Mobile Phone Policy has been reviewed by our Student Council in April/May and it will be reviewed by our Parents Council in August. When it has been approved by the Board of Management, a copy will be sent to all parents.

In short, our policy aims to prevent student use of mobile phones during the school day to ensure that all students socially engage with their peers, especially during lunchtime. Parents/guardians are reminded that they may not contact students on mobile phones during school time. All phone calls can be made through the school office if necessary. This is a very important school rule.