Mission Statement

To provide a holistic education in the Mercy tradition.


In keeping with the Mercy tradition, we seek to achieve the holistic development and the achievement of the full potential of each student, particularly thosewho are disadvantaged or marginalised. We strive to ensure that our students leave our school with a healthy self-image, enhanced by the life skills and abilities necessary to make a positive contribution to society.

A Voluntary Secondary School

Ours is what is known as a Voluntary Secondary School for girls. It dates from 1836 when the Mercy Sisters started a school soon after they arrived in Tullamoreand founded their second house here. The school is now a member of CEIST (Catholic Education, An Irish Schools Trust) and is managed by a Board of Management.

A Catholic School

A Catholic school helps students to develop their understanding of their faith. Ours is a Catholic school,but it is not a school for Catholics only. Due to the universal, non-discriminatory nature of Catholicism and the value it places on ecumenism and interfaith dialogue, seeing God at work in all people, Catholic schools are open to the admission of pupils of all faiths and none.

Catholic education values tolerance and inclusiveness, and sees the presence of children from other denominations as an enrichment of the educational experience and an opportunity for deeper understanding among people holding diverse convictions.

Board of Management

The Sacred Heart School is under the trusteeship of CEIST (Catholic Education, an Irish Schools Trust). The Board of Management is made up of nine members under the Chairmanship of Mr Denis Doherty while the school Principal Ms Pauline McKenna acts as secretary to the Board. There is a trust representative, two parents’ representatives and two staff representatives on the Board.