6th yr school return 01.03.2021

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As school returns for 6th yr group  on 01.03.2021-we would like to revisit and outline the SHS  Covid procedures:

  • School access:  Currently work is happening at door entrance near the GYM and Leavy Centre hence–  all students access school from 8.10-8.45 via Daingean rd  for temperature check, mask check and hand sanitising.
  • Return to school form: Please complete the return to school form on school website by Sunday evening 28.02.2021– Have a screen shot ready of this for  temperature check in on Monday 01.03.2021
  • Late access: Students who attend school after 8.45 need to only enter the school through the Daingean rd entrance for temperature check and to record the same.
  • Illness follow up: Please contact the Covid officer re progress of student who has been ill and do not attend school until this contact has been made,. Prior to school return please fill in the Return to school form on the school website- www.shstullamore.ie under Covid 19 tab. Any school return after absence is based on GP and HSE advice.
  • Travel outside of Ireland– The school follows all DFA guidelines re returning from any travel abroad and as this is always being updated we trust that this will be followed in all cases.
  • Parent/Guardian school access: Please contact the school by email to arrange any request for appointment. Limited access available to school office hence all letters to be left at outside hatch.
  • Illness Please do not attend for school if your daughter is unwell and has any of the Covid symptoms as noted on HSE- Symptoms of COVID-19 – HSE.ie and make sure that you have contacted the relevant Covid officer.  School return after illness relating to any Covid symptoms is always dependant on HSE/GP advice.
  • In line with Level 5 restrictions please ensure that there is no congregation in the school carpark/entrances to school.

Thank you for your cooperation and support with all these procedures over the last term and we look forward to our continuing partnership to help protect our school community going forward for the remainder of the school year.


    Luke Corley                               Pauline Mc Kenna

   Lydia Mooney                           Orla Healy

   Annette Griffin

    Covid Admin team

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