Troubleshooting Tips for One Note and Teams

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Classroom-based assessments (CBAs) & related assessment tasks (ATs)

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In the context of current school closures, completion of classroom-based assessments (CBAs)  & related assessment tasks (ATs) have been extended into May 2020. Revised dates are available here. #jcreform

Online explanations

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CBA Dates 2020

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School Closed

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Please note that the school will be closed on Monday 16th March, 2020.


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Return dates for students

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24th August : 
                          1st yrs return 8.45am-1.00pm for deployment of their device and meet with Principal & Deputy Principal
27th August:
                       1st yrs
Induction Day with Student Council. Wear uniform and bring device and lunch.

28th August : 1st Yrs Full school day
                         5th yrs 
Return for full day
                         6th yrs
Return for full day

29th August :
                        1st yrs Full school day
                        2nd yrs Return for full day
                        3rd yrs Return for full day
                        5th yrs Full school day
                        6th yrs Full school day

30th August:
                       Transition Year return for Induction Day
                       All students school as per timetable except LCA

31st August
                     LCA 5th and 6th Year Return 
                     All students attend school

Our Summer Newsletter

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Click here to view our Summer Newsletter

School re opens 5th March

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The school will be open as usual tomorrow, Monday 5th March. Please take care on the roads and footpaths and dress warmly on the way to and from school. See you then.

Transition Year Parent Teacher Meeting

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The new date for the Transition Year Parent Teacher meeting is 22nd February.