The following are the agreed arrangements in respect of the standardisation of the breaks at Christmas, Easter and mid-term in the first and second terms for the school year 2018/2019. Dates for Parent Teacher meetings will be confirmed in August.

School breaks 2018/2019 are as follows: 
Ploughing Championship arrangements
Classes will run from 11.00am until 2.00pm on Tuesday 18th, Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th September 2018

Open Night
School will be open for all prospective girls and their families from 7.30pm -9.30pm. With an address from the Principal and Deputy Principal and a chance to see some classes in action.
October 2018 Midterm Break
School will be closed from Monday, 29th October 2018 to Friday, 2nd November 2018

December 10th 2018
School will be closed on this day
Christmas 2018
School will close on Friday, 21st December 2018, which will be the final day of the school term
School will reopen on Monday, 7th January 2019

JCT Training Day
 No school for students Thursday 10th January 2019

February 2019 Midterm break
School will be closed from Monday, 18th February to Friday 22nd February 2019

March 18th 2019
School will be closed on this day
Easter 2019
School will be closed from Friday, 12th April 2018 until opening on Monday 29th April
School will close on Friday 31st May and the preceding week will be set for in house exams for 1st  2nd and 5th year students.
 Parent Teacher Meetings for 2018/2019 are to be confirmed
6th Year –  4.15pm-6.45pm

5th Year–  4.15pm-6.45pm
3rd Year –  4.15pm-6.45pm

2nd Year – 4.15pm-6,45pm
1st Year – 4.15pm-6.45pm
Transition Year–  4.15pm-6.45pm
Other Relevant Dates
JCT training
– September 12th Full school closure
                          – February 20th 2018